On Buying

May 22nd, 2015

a10.jpgKnow up front what your monthly expenses are expected to be. When buying for a condominium property, shop around to know the prices. Ask your realtor. They are well-experience on this matter. First-hand reports are very useful tools during your home search process, and you’d be wise to take them to heart.

Moroccan Inspired Condo

May 15th, 2015

If you are lucky enough to have been to Morocco, then you would have possibly been taken by the beautiful interior of the homes, hotels and restaurants around. There is a certain rich and sensual appeal to Moroccan decors. If you want the same in your own home, it is possible. Do not worry, it is easy. Here are the instructions on how to transform a regular unit to a Moroccan inspired room!

1. Paint the walls in Jewel tones. This will make a big contrast to the rich colors that will fill your room.

2. Shop for colorful saris. This is easily done either online or thrifts stores of the closest India town in your area.

3. Make use of these saris as curtains, pillow covers or seat covers. Don’t be afraid to go crazy on colors. Moroccan rooms are all about that! Use a lot of pillows! They love big stuffy pillows. It can also be used as a seat.

4. Morocco is a warm country, therefore, try to give off a vibe of warmth by playing with your lights. Make use of  low wattage sconces and lanterns rather than harsh overhead lighting.

5. To finish, add a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room.

Kitchen magic.

May 8th, 2015


As we all know, dark colors tend to make the room look smaller. If you have light colored wallpapers or white paint on your walls, then congratulations, you just made your condo look bigger. However, when look at your unit, there seems to be something wrong. Oh, those kitchen counters! If you have counters with black granite tops, better call your contractor now and have those removed. Even if you have a large kitchen, the black tops tend to make your kitchen look smaller than its real size. Try to go for a lighter shade of granite if you really want granite for your countertops. Also, you can have Maple wood finishing for your countertops. This light colored wood can surely make your kitchen look bigger.

Photo taken from http://www.mapleblock.com

Before buying a condo… (part IV)

May 1st, 2015


Fourth, is for you to weigh in the pros and cons of buying an old one and a new one. Not all old condos are bad; in fact a lot of them are maintained well. Make sure to give the condo you are about to buy an ocular. Photos of the unit on the internet are not enough. Remember, photo editing today is evolving every minute. The condo in the picture might be the same condo you are about to buy, but who knows? Maybe the owner did some color retouches of the photos. Before buying an old condo, make sure that it is well maintained and the environment of the condo building is nice.

Photo taken from http://fortes.com

The Cost of Condo Living

April 23rd, 2015

If you’ve just bought a condo, or are planning to buy one, you might have overlooked the cost of your monthly dues. These, in addition to your mortgage, are major costs you cannot afford to miscalculate. Monthly dues can vary according to the amenities and services a condominium has. It’s usually calculated per square foot or meter. Think of these as fees as membership fees you need to pay to use the amenities your building has. After all, you have a pool, gym, jogging track, tennis courts, etc, amenities you would usually need to pay a country club for. Also, these fees will go toward building security, maintenance, disposal, gardening & landscaping, etc., all services you would normally have to do in a regular home, but is now being handled by a property manager. You’ll need to consider this part of your monthly expenses, remember too that these dues can’t be taken off, even if you’re not using the condo or it’s amenities.


April 16th, 2015

イラスト提供: kindnessofstrangerstravel.com

施設を貸す要因の一つに、買い手がどれだけの頭金を用意する事が出来るのかということがあります。 頭金は借り手の「信用保証金」で、ローンの支払いを遂行する意志と、借り手が月額支払いの義務を怠る場合のリスクを軽減する、貸し手の補償を意味します。 頭金が大きいほど、高額なローン額を得るチャンスもより多くなり、あるいは、月々の返済金もより低くなるのです。 一般的に、借り手は、頭金に支払う大金は手元には所持してはいません。 しかし、貯蓄として蓄えた別の資金は所持しています。 家族、友人、親戚、株、債権などの売上金から得ることも出来ます。


  • 頭金ゼロのローン。言葉通りこのローンは、頭金を必要としません。これは普通、初めて購買する人達で、返済は出来るが、頭金を貸す事のできる、家族、友人、親戚などがいない人達を対象にしたものです。
  • 購入選択権付き賃貸。 買い手が、借り手として契約を行い、賃貸期間中、所有者の許容範囲内の価格であれば、何時でも物件を買える選択があるというもの。 大抵の場合、支払った賃貸料が、全体、または部分的に頭金として適用されます。



April 9th, 2015

もしあなたが分譲マンション(コンド)を購入したばかり、または購入する事を計画しているのなら1ヶ月の管理費用を見逃しているかもしれない。 これらは住宅ローンに加え、計算間違いにより支払う事のできない主な費用だ。 毎月の管理費は、分譲マンション(コンドミニアム)が所有する娯楽施設やサービスによりさまざまだ。 通常、1つのスクエアやメーターにより計算されている。 管理費用と同じようにメンバー費用も、マンションの持つ娯楽施設を使用する為に払う必要がある。 結局プール、ジム、ジョギング用のトラック、テニスコート等カントリークラブに通常支払う必要な事だ。 またこれらの費用は、ビルの警備費、メインテナンス、処分権、庭の手入れ等に使われ、あなたの家に通常費やす事だが、不動産屋により行われているという事だ。 管理費を毎月の費用として検討する必要がある。そして覚えておくべき事は、あなたがマンションや娯楽施設を使用していなくても、この費用は支払わなければならない事だ。

Material Costs

April 2nd, 2015

3.jpgAnother remarkable blow to developers is the recurrently rising costs of construction materials. Due to this circumstance, more than a few condo developers “have canceled projects, has returned the buyer’s deposits, as well as put the land up for sale plus are at danger of foreclosure. Developers and investors are trying to recover whatever thing from the condo nose-dive by exchanging units back into apartments. Real estate specialist agree that it will take at least years for the condo market to get better unless the price of materials are still increasing. However, consumers stop using condos for overnight savings as an alternative and instead go back to home buying way of life.

Will Your Real Estate Taxes Rise?

March 26th, 2015


When you convert an owner- occupied condo into a rental property, your real estate taxes may rise. Although rules vary by jurisdiction, here are two common reasons taxes increase:

First, some jurisdictions provide a “Homestead Exemption” for owner-occupied residential real estate. This benefit exempts a
portion of the property’s value from taxation. If you convert your condo to a rental, you normally lose this exemption.

Second, owner-occupied residential real estate is usually taxed at a lower rate than non-owner occupied residential real estate. That is because the non-owner occupied property is assumed to be held for investment purposes. Accordingly, it is taxed at a higher rate.

How will the tax assessor know when you converted your condo to rental status? You are going to furnish that information on your next federal and state tax return. You report your real estate rental income and expenses on Schedule E of Form 1040.

Going Japanese!

March 19th, 2015


If you want to achieve a simple look in your condo design, then maybe you can do with a Japanese interior. Japanese interior calls for earthly colors such as beige and brown. They seldom (or never at all) use colors that attract attention (like candy apple red, apple green, powder blue or any pastel color for that fact) compared to other designs. They would like to retain simplicity in their interior and as you design your home, make sure you have symmetry when it comes to your things (buy two display earthen pots instead of two). Never ever forget their famous short table for your dining room! I’m sure your friends will love the new look!

Photo taken from http://pro.corbis.com