Living In Comfort

October 22nd, 2014

5.jpgLiving and dining in a luxury place at the heart of the city is the trend these days. Standing at the window of a condominium unit is a fascinated scenery. That’s why the higher the unit floor, the cost is much expensive. Also, homeowners are now particular how well decorated the unit is. Some are even hiring interior decorator to transform the unit into a magical place. More than anything else, living in a condominium is more of a comfort rather than a lifestyle. The fact that you live in nearby establishments, you don’t need to worry about time and other things.

Moroccan Inspired Condo

October 15th, 2014

If you are lucky enough to have been to Morocco, then you would have possibly been taken by the beautiful interior of the homes, hotels and restaurants around. There is a certain rich and sensual appeal to Moroccan decors. If you want the same in your own home, it is possible. Do not worry, it is easy. Here are the instructions on how to transform a regular unit to a Moroccan inspired room!

1. Paint the walls in Jewel tones. This will make a big contrast to the rich colors that will fill your room.

2. Shop for colorful saris. This is easily done either online or thrifts stores of the closest India town in your area.

3. Make use of these saris as curtains, pillow covers or seat covers. Don’t be afraid to go crazy on colors. Moroccan rooms are all about that! Use a lot of pillows! They love big stuffy pillows. It can also be used as a seat.

4. Morocco is a warm country, therefore, try to give off a vibe of warmth by playing with your lights. Make use of  low wattage sconces and lanterns rather than harsh overhead lighting.

5. To finish, add a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room.

Condo Neighbors

October 8th, 2014

a6.jpgIf you have quiet and considerate neighbors, common walls is not an issue. But it’s a gamble when you purchase a condo unit since you don’t have any idea how selfless your neighbors will be. And unfortunately, if your neighbors are unbearable, you have little alternative as a condominium owner but to call the administration.


October 1st, 2014

もしあなたが分譲マンション(コンド)を購入したばかり、または購入する事を計画しているのなら1ヶ月の管理費用を見逃しているかもしれない。 これらは住宅ローンに加え、計算間違いにより支払う事のできない主な費用だ。 毎月の管理費は、分譲マンション(コンドミニアム)が所有する娯楽施設やサービスによりさまざまだ。 通常、1つのスクエアやメーターにより計算されている。 管理費用と同じようにメンバー費用も、マンションの持つ娯楽施設を使用する為に払う必要がある。 結局プール、ジム、ジョギング用のトラック、テニスコート等カントリークラブに通常支払う必要な事だ。 またこれらの費用は、ビルの警備費、メインテナンス、処分権、庭の手入れ等に使われ、あなたの家に通常費やす事だが、不動産屋により行われているという事だ。 管理費を毎月の費用として検討する必要がある。そして覚えておくべき事は、あなたがマンションや娯楽施設を使用していなくても、この費用は支払わなければならない事だ。

Real Estate -Condos Are Becoming Single Family Vacation Homes

September 24th, 2014

simpleasian.jpgNationally condos have become almost as popular as single family homes for vacation properties. Many families consider their second home as a means of diversifying their portfolio. While the trend is picking up in Wisconsin, the appeal has always been toward cottages and cabins.

Buyers believe that owning homes in two entirely different markets increases the chance that their total equity will continue growing. They also have the advantage of more liquidity. If needed, they could sell one of the homes and live in the other.

Brokers in Wisconsin report the trends are picking up in the area. Buyers in this area are buying cottages and cabins for second homes. Approximately 42% fall in this category while approximately twenty percent buy condos.

The difference in the buying habits today is that buyers are looking for the appreciation in value of the property rather than looking to rent the property. Buyers are also not looking to repair or maintain their vacation property. The trend is leaning toward one of convenience. For these reasons, buyers are vying toward new construction.

Buyers don’t want to work. They are buying these properties to visit them and relax in a different environment. Currently Baby boomers are driving this trend. Since they have more disposable income than prior generations had, this trend could continue for some time.


It should work for you

September 17th, 2014


It’s not just how the condo unit looks, but everything else must definitely work for you too. A lot of buyers and renters get tempted by how nice a condo unit looks since majority of the units being sold and rented out are now fully furnished. However, more than just the interior of a unit, there are also more factors to be considered.

Security – Is the area/location of the condominium safe? Is it okay to walk around at night without feeling like you’ll get mugged in the street? Do you have 24 hours security service in the building? Does the place have CCTV and security codes to get in and out of the building? You want to be sure that you and your family feel safe at all times.

Amenities – Are you getting what you are paying for? Do you have communal areas that are catering to your needs? For example, most condominiums offer swimming pool, gym, play area for kids etc.

Association – Do you get along well with the people from the association? Do you feel comfortable dealing with them? Do they make you feel comfortable and welcome you well?


Dog issues.

September 10th, 2014


Ok, so you live in a house and you plan to relocate to a condominium. No problem, you can relocate anytime.

But what if you have a dog? Oh no. That’s going to be a big problem. Most condominiums don’t let you bring one. You have to sign a memorandum that you can’t bring any pet inside your unit for noise control purposes. The units in a condo are only separated by a think wall, but that doesn’t mean the other person next to you can’t hear the dog’s bark. The truth is, they can. And considering the fact that most hallways are empty, the bark of the dog tends to echo—and the person living at the corner can and will hear it.

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Getting rid of clutter

September 3rd, 2014

One of the most effective ways to make your condo unit become more homey and livable is to do away with clutter. Even Feng Shui experts say that clutter disrupts the flow of chi, or energy in your home. Having a neat home make it easier for one to live in it and work in it. Simply develop habits that prevent you from leaving clutter, like returning magazines or books to the shelf after they’re read, or washing the dishes at once so that the dirty dishes don’t accumulate in your sink. Untidy habits also invite all sorts of pests like cockroaches and rats and ants, all of which thrive in a dirty and untidy environment. Having less clutter also keeps you away from accidents, like accidentally stepping on a glass you left on the floor while you were watching a movie.

Tired of mowing?

August 27th, 2014

They say condo living is very much convenient. True! There are some things in your old house that you won’t do anymore when you get to relocate to your new condo unit. One is that of lawn mowing.


Are you tired of mowing your lawn and pestered by the fact that they grow too fast (faster than your flowering plants!)? Or maybe, come the season of fall, are you tired of sweeping your front yard everyday just to get rid of those leaves falling endlessly from the trees? If you plan to eradicate all these time consuming activities, better move in to a condo.

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Cheap Improvements that Help Sell Your Condo

August 20th, 2014

Selling a condo is a tad bit harder than selling a single unit home for there is not much external aesthetics that can be your selling point. So improvements on the inside can help a lot with increasing your chances of getting a buyer quick without costing an arm and a leg.

One of the cheapest ways to improve a condo for selling or just for a change is through a change of color. Yep, good old paint and the good thing is that you could do it on your own cheaply. Get hold of material that would help a lot such as magazines that show current trends and colors that would give your unit a much needed sprucing up. You’d be amazed at how much a change in character a condo unit can get after a re-paint. And who knows, the first buyer you may get in that door maybe your last, selling your condo before you know it.