Small Space Solutions

January 8th, 2015


Condo owners/ renters tend to have the same problem. Not enough space. Condominiums aren’t really made so big because the rooms in the building are divided to accommodate a lot of tenants. So making a small space comfortable is the main challenge. If you’re lucky, you will land a unit that has already been furnished for you. If not, you would have to know how to design and maximize your own space. Choosing the right furniture is the trick. Stay away from large and bulky sofas that will take over the entire room. Instead of putting cabinets, install shelved on the wall to store your things. This way, you get more floor space. If you decide to add an entertainment system, also consider having your TV attached to the wall. Use light colors on the walls to help bounce light around the room to create an airy aesthetic. Keep the place tidy at all times too.

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